• The luxurious electricity-powered Superbus

  • electricity-powered-Superbus.jpg
    At first glance, this vehicle reminds us of a futuristic stretch-limo. The Dutch students building this vehicle prefer to call it the “Superbus” though. This all-electric vehicle can carry 23 passengers and has a body of aluminum and carbon fiber. It can shoot up to 130mph leaving behind all those normal gas guzzling buses behind in the dust. It does away with all the noise, smell and pollution involved in buses and offers ultimate luxury instead. Lithium-polymer batteries power the Superbus’ pair of electric motors that deliver 400 horsepower. This increases to around 800 horsepower at its peak. The bus will offer passengers train-like legroom, facing seats and a high-volume air conditioner.

    This project captained by Prof. Dr. Wubbo Ockels, Dr. Antonia Terz and Joris Melkert with a team of students has completed its first development stage. The Superbus might find its place on the roads of rich cities like Dubai soon if things go well.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 22, 2010