• The I-Green hooks on to your bicycle’s front wheel to generate energy

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    Remember those baseball cards we’d stick on to the front wheels of our bicycles in our childhood, trying to make them sound like a pip-squeak version of a Harley Davidson? Well, designer Fandi Meng sure kept that
    little innovation in mind while coming up with the I-Green. Now, the I-Green makes none of those flatulence-type sounds. What it does do is create some renewable energy to use! All you need to do is hook it up to your front wheel, like a baseball card, entwine the little fan-wing like things with your bicycle spokes, and Voila! The little fan spins as you ride, generating energy!

    This energy of course can be used for multiple reasons, from lighting up your bike’s headlights to charging your mobile phone and your mp3 player. This one’s a beautifully designed and re-thought version of the good old dynamo.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 16, 2010