• The Greenline Hybrid 33 boat is is luxurious and hybrid

  • Greenline.jpgNow we’ve seen quite a few hybrid boats taking to the seas before, in an effort to keep the waters clean, including the Transcendence and the New Diamond. To join this green sailing fleet, a new hybrid vessel has shown up, the Greenline Hybrid 33, utilizing solar power, diesel as well as electric power. To launch at the Sydney International Boat Show, 29 July to 02 August 2010, the boat is a multiple award winner, and deserve these too. Equipped with a single cabin and a patented ‘superdisplacement’ hull, the vessel is powered by a combination of diesel engine and solar-electric generation, and has won the 2010 European Boat of the Year, the Swedish Environmental Boat of the Year and loads more. The internal space has just the right amount of luxury, comfortable and makes you feel right at home.

    The boat is a quite one too, with both the diesel as well as the electric engine in use, and is steady mid-sea. Costing $333,333, into which you can throw in a load of upgrades, this vessel truly is a green hybrid at heart.

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