• The Green Samba electric Personal Water Craft

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    Ever dreamt of riding a dolphin, riding up and down the waves of the deep blue ocean? Well, now there’s a greener way to do that, without troubling dolphins. Part the waters for the Green Samba, a Personal Water Craft V 3.0 powered by electricity. This is the fastest sit-down PWC of its kind. The Green Samba’s handling and agility is far better than the usual standup-up PWC.

    With a 65mph straight line performance and 260bhp, the Green Samba uses twin direct drive electric propulsion pods, keeping the hydrocarbons, CO2 and NO2 at bay. Besides being clean and green, this Samba is also noiseless, which keeps the marine life undisturbed. The Green Samba is sure to catch the attention of those who love riding waves and the Special Forces, who forever have been looking for silent crafts like these.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 21, 2010