• The future of sky transport resurrecting the Zeppelin, Lieven Standaert’s Aeromodeller II

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    The aviation industry lately has seen some great developments, both in terms of fuel-efficiency and eco-friendliness, like the Honda jet we came across. Flying around could just be revolutionized though, with the good old Zeppelin taking to the skies again, this time with a greener and safer touch. The Hindenburg disaster sure spoilt the image of the bulbous Zeppelin air ship, and this might just be the time for its resurrection, with Lieven Standaert, a Belgian engineer’s design called the Aeromodeller II. Made out of low cost materials that generate hydrogen via wind power, this one opts for a design pointed at both ends. It also never needs to land and can stay up in the skies forever, unless absolutely required to be brought back down on earth.

    Taken that it can stay up all its life, the Aeromodeller II could be the future of housing designs too! We’ve dreamed of flying cars before. We never really gave a thought to floating homes! Three cheers for zero-emission transport!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 20, 2011