• The first quarter of 2013 sees 9% more charging stations in US

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    The United States of America is embracing the greener side of transportation and the nation has seen a huge rise in the numbers of charging stations off-late. The US has increased the number of publicly accessible electric-vehicle charging stations by 9% in the first quarter of the current year, 2013! With increased demands from EV drivers who have begun taking to the streets recently, putting gas-guzzlers to shame, several municipalities and retailers have begun installing more charging stations.

    Till the 22nd of March, 2013, EV drivers had access to nearly 5,678 charging stations across the country, 478 more than the numbers on the 18th of December, 2012. If the rate of increase continues, the United States should have added nearly 1,900 stations this year, with the total number of charging stations in the country touching 7,100 by the end of 2013!

    [Via – Autoblog]

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