• The fast and fuel efficient Capstone CMT – 380 hybrid car

  • Capstone_CMT–380.jpg
    Push the pedal to the metal and keep the environment clean with the Capstone CMT – 380 concept car. Unlike its peers, this supercar eats up the tarmac without giving out harmful emissions and gases. It uses a C30 (30-kilowatt) microturbine engine which can be run on either diesel or biodiesel. It also has a lithium-polymer battery cells which apart from public recharging stations, can also be charged at home! This car can run battery charge without emitting pollutants for up to 80 miles. When the charge runs out of the battery, the microturbine engine comes into play and recharges the batteries on the go.

    The CMT – 380 reaches 60 miles an hour in a mere 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 150 miles an hour. This is probably the only car with a drivable capacity of 500 miles on a single tank! This concept vehicle by Capstone Turbine Corporation is sure to cross the finish line before any other hybrid vehicle can.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 8, 2009