• The electric PVI garbage truck takes out the garbage in a green way

  • electric-PVI-garbage-truck.jpg
    Here’s a greener way to taking out your trash to the landfill, an all-electric garbage truck. This shiny new truck, that seriously looks cute for a garbage truck, promises to keep the air clean, with only a bit of smelly rotten cheese and fruit fumes spouting out, no carbon. Well, we can bear with that, we hate carbon though. The 26-ton truck saves an estimated 130 tons of CO2 emissions each year over a diesel-powered model. Built by PVI Electric Powertrain, it comes with liquid cooled lithium-ion battery packs from Dow Kokam resting in its belly. The truck built by PVI Electric Powertrain also quickly climbs hills, unlike the usually slow accelerating trucks we have these days, thanks to the 100% availability of torque. With 250 kilowatt hours of energy being provided by the five strings of seven battery packs, this one sure keeps the city clean and the air too.

    To debut in Paris, the truck will have seven replicas built and running by the end of 2011.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on December 23, 2010