• The electric Gogoro Smartscooter service will debut in Taipei City

  • gogoro-smart-scooter-4Electricity will fuel the world in the future, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels substantially. One of the biggest catalysts of this change, besides all the electric cars that have been taking to the streets lately, is the Gogoro Smartscooter. With a range of 60 miles on a full belly of electricity, the Smartscooter can have its drained battery swapped for a fresh one Gogoro Energy Network “Go Station, instead of being plugged into a wall socket.

    gogoro-smart-scooter-7The Gogoro Smartscooter project will debut in Taipei City. The Taiwanese government is keen on bringing this electric scooter service home, in an attempt to get rid of the heavily polluting two-stroke scooters being currently used. Pricing for the scooter and the battery subscription hasn’t been announced yet, though we do expect to see the Gogoro Smartscooter travel to more cities soon!







    [ Via – Luxedb]

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