• The electric Bentley Incense GT, luxury for the future

  • electric-Bentley-Incense-GT-1.jpg
    Bentleys of the future will have a very different look from the one’s we see the rich and fabulous driving around in today and will sure be a lot greener too. The super-luxury cars we see today are plain gas-guzzlers, who drink up as much as their owners can afford. But this might just not be the case in the future! We just stumbled across this design for a Bentley, the Bentley Incense GT. Now this one sure doesn’t give out any smoke, despite its name, instead choosing to keep its act and drive a lot more environment friendly, using and electric motor. The car looks like a vehicle a superhero would probably choose to drive! Inspired by designing from the past with an added touch of the future, the Bentley Incense GT design uses those good old closed-cap rear wheels. A car like this might just show up far away in 2030 though, so you’ll just have to wait and drool at these images for the next two decades.

    Bentley of the future! We await thou arrival!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 19, 2010