• The EBIQ Electric Bike charges gadgets on the go

  • EBIQ-Electric-Bike.jpg
    This bike may look weird and out of the box for its design and shape, but then again, it can do a whole lot more except looking like an envelope. Designed and developed specifically to help decrease CO2 emissions, the EBIQ Electric Bike is a battery powered bicycle. Ideal for short distance use, this bike not only helps us commute, but also charges up devices like laptops and cell phones on the go. The bike also boasts of a screen at the steering console that enables the rider to access his laptop’s data while riding. This unique design also enables the EBIQ Electric Bike to fold down all its extended parts like the handles and pedals allowing it to fit into narrow places for easy parking.

    This unique bicycle will help spread the use of clean and green transport.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on February 17, 2010