• The Co2 Bike powered by photosynthesis is a green way to travel

  • Co2-electric-bicycle-1.jpg
    Vehicles acting like plants seem weird. Not with this one though. We know what photosynthesis does. And that’s what this vehicle, called the Co2 uses to power up. Designed by a Taiwan-based designer, Tang Ming-deng, this electric bike is indeed a great way to travel, safe, sustainable and great for urban commute. To power up, the bike spreads its leaf-resembling windows to expose its chloroplast interiors to the sunlight. We probably didn’t think of it before, but the process of photosynthesis could be used to power up a car, converting chemical energy into kinetic energy.

    No longer would you need to spend on fuel with this one, which also reduces carbon emissions. The Co2 uses transmission motors on the wheels to power the bike. Using a utility steering wheel, the amount of power and speed can be controlled. Well, this sure seems a nice sustainable way to commute.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 10, 2010