• The Chinese 3D Fast Bus straddles the road and saves up on those gallons of fuel

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    We’ve seen underground trains and metro lines running over head before. Cities like Chicago, Delhi, London and almost every other metropolitan we can think of boast these mass transit systems. Well the underground and the overhead trains may seem somewhat ancient compared to what the Chinese have now come up with. In short, this one is somewhat of a subway, without any digging required. Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co. came up with the 3D Fast Bus or the “straddling bus”. Basically, this giant train or bus like vehicle, whatever your imagination makes you perceive it to be, straddles and overlaps the street. This enables cars to drive right under it! So a car slowing down and leading to a gridlock doesn’t really effect this one, it’ll simply slide smoothly overhead. The bus can help save up on fuel lost in traveling time, preventing traffic jams and can help carry a lot more passengers too. Saving up to 860 ton of fuel per year and reducing 2,640 ton of carbon emission is possible with this one, traveling at 40 km/h with 1200 people at a time.

    The City of Beijing has pounced on this idea and has already planned for 186km of straddling bus lines. In our ever polluted cities today, mass transit systems that help out in ways like these are forever required.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on August 4, 2010