• Texan computer geek pimps out his car to cost just $7 for every 300miles

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    David Murray from north Texas has been doing something that most of us could easily envy. The self-described computer geek from Kennedale bought a 1993 Eagle Talon from a junkyard for just $750. He then converted it into an all electric vehicle, spent about $4,000 more to convert the gas-guzzler to run on electricity alone, doing all the work himself in his garage at home.

    The car can easily go up to 55 mph, and Murray spends just $7 per month on electricity for every 300 miles. Now this is something most of us could easily ask for now that gas cost close to $4 a gallon, just hope that electricity isn’t going to cost more anytime soon.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 23, 2008