• Team Polyjule’s car completes 4,414km on a single liter of fuel, a record breaker

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    Fuel efficiency of a car could never get better than this. The car by Team Polyjule Polytech Nantes from France broke quite a few records with its astounding fuel efficiency, 4,414km on a single liter of fuel. The 2010 Shell Eco-marathon saw this incredible feat being achieved by the Prototype car that broke the “3,836 kilometers on a single liter of fuel” record set by ETH Zurich of Switzerland.

    Racing day kicked off a day earlier at the Shell Eco-marathon event. The car also faced a bit of trouble, breaking down on the fifth trial run, though still managing to break the record. The Polyjule Team is made up of students from Polytechnique de Nantes, a third-level engineering school, and Lycée La Joliverie, a second-level institution, who aimed for perfection to chisel out this awesome fuel efficient vehicle. Hopefully, our day-to-day cars of the future drink this less.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 21, 2010