• ‘TaxiBot’ causes zero fuel emission and zero noise pollution

  • TaxiBot.jpg
    Airplanes consume the maximum energy and so the fuel emission from the planes is also the maximum. Taxing to and from the airport terminal gate and runway is a major source of CO2 emissions. Ricardo has engineered a unique arrangement that allows the airplanes to turn off their main engine while taxing to and away from the gate to the runway. This is their ‘pilot-controlled towing vehicle’ known as ‘TaxiBot’. Aircraft currently require using their main propulsion jet engines in a highly inefficient manner for slow speed ground movements; the consequence is greater local air and noise pollution, as well as wasted fuel and hence increased carbon emissions. But with the TaxiBot, the pilot is only required to guide the nosewheel onto the clamp, which then tugs around the plane with its two 500-hp V8s that can pull planes up to 747s and A340s. So now, with reduced fuel costs, emissions and noise, isn’t that a huge advantage for the sensitive environment?


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 23, 2009