• Supersonic speeds without a sonic boom and reduced emissions, the Supersonic Green Machine

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    The quickest way to sail the skies today is traveling at Mach 1 speeds. Well, supersonic air-travel is destined for change, thanks to NASA’s new development, all green and quieter. This plane designed by Lockheed Martin and christened the Supersonic Green Machine, not a very innovative name, wipes out some of the problems the Concorde faced, like the annoying sonic boom. Besides being a whole lot quieter, even at supersonic speeds, this one keeps its act clean too, with less carbon emissions.

    The Concorde first took to the skies 27 years ago, producing enough sonic booms every time it broke the sound barrier, to frustrate the people inside, and the ones below. So, full speeds were only limited while traveling across oceans. The new Supersonic Green Machine though, keeps out the sound, and brings in a better fuel efficiency with reduced emissions. Indeed a welcome addition to the aviation industry.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 2, 2010