• Sumitomo Electric intros the first Superconductor electric vehicle

  • superconductor_car.jpg
    Sumitomo Electric claims to have developed the world’s first automobile powered by a superconducting motor. A high-temperature superconducting motor cooled by liquid nitrogen powers the electric passenger sedan, which is a modified Toyota Crown Comfort. Apparently Superconductors are energy-efficient materials that can carry electrical current without resistance and are used in applications ranging from medical devices to linear motors for trains. Sumitomo’s motor uses high-temperature superconducting wires replacing the copper wire usually used in the coils in electric vehicle motors. According to the company the prototype vehicle can travel more than 10% farther than conventional electric vehicles running on the same type of battery.

    Sumitomo intends to further rev-up the motor and plans to put the car on the road pretty soon. The company is looking to develop superconductor motors for buses and trucks as well.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 17, 2008