• Subhuman project – Pedal powered submarine intends to cross 3,700km of water in 50 days

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    Since today was the day for eco-friendly vehicles that zoom on the roads as well as soar high in the air, its time to end the day with another green vehicle that is set to hit the depths in a green style. Fueling his passion for speeding up the underwater exploration, Ted Ciamillo intends to pedal across the Atlantic in a one-man submarine. The eco-friendly pedal powered sub is a larger version of the Lunocet. And what is Lunocet? Well, teaming up with marine biologist Frank Fish (is that a nickname?) of West Chester University, Ted had designed a carbon-fibre “tail” for divers, called the Lunocet. Akin to dolphins, Lunocet enables the diver to swim as efficiently as possible. Coming back to the new pedal powered mini-sub, it is going to be crafted out of light weight yet sturdy materials. To be precise, a stainless steel frame, a polycarbonate shell and a propulsion system made from aluminum and titanium.

    Also instead of having a pressurized shell filled with air, it will be full of water at all times. Ciamillo will wear a wetsuit and breathe using scuba gear or a specially adapted snorkel. The guy has calculated about 50 days to cover a distance of 3700 kilometers of open water from Cape Verde off the west coast of Africa to Barbados in the Caribbean. Good Luck buddy!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 30, 2009