• Starke bicycles with USB charger juices your gadgets on the go

  • Bike-Powered-USB-Charger-1.jpg
    Bicycle users behold! We just stumbled across a great way to juice up your portable electronics using energy produced by your pedaling. Developed by Silverback Labs, this USB charger was specially designed for the 2012 Starke series of City/Commuter bikes. Using a front hub-mounted dynamo that also powers up the lights on this bike, this USB charger juices-up mobile phones, mp3 players and your bike’s GPS system. And as for the bikes, the lower end Starke 1 & 2 sport a derailleur and chain setup with a battery pack to provide electric assistance for 45 minutes, while the higher end Starke Sub Zero uses an internally-geared rear hub and belt-driven drive chain, keeping out the 6 pound battery pack.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on September 7, 2011