• South Korean public transport goes electric and green

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    The South Koreans are taking the concept of greener public transport seriously and are currently working on a way to power up using technology similar to that found in electric toothbrushes and razors! This electric transport system is powered by recharging strips embedded in roads. These transfer energy through magnetic connections. The vehicles have sensor-driven magnetic devices attached below that juice up as the move over the embedded strips. These recharging strips are attached to electric stations which are laid in bus lanes and roads. Meters of these strip segments are laid below the road powering up the vehicles.

    This type of energy transfer is known as inductive charging and uses magnets and cables and will cost around 400 million won ($353,500) or perkilometer. Public transport in Korea will have a sharper and greener technological edge with inventions like these.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on March 10, 2010