• Solar-powered air-conditioning units for cars help turn gas-guzzlers energy-efficient

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    One of the reasons cars begin sipping on fuel quicker is air-conditioner use. PolyU’s Department of Electrical Engineering collaborated with Green Power Industrial Ltd. recently and has developed a solar-powered air-conditioning system for cars. Termed as the SAV (solar-powered air-conditioning system for vehicles), the
    system allows parked cars to have their air-conditioners turned on, without having to waste petrol. This particularly helps cab and bus drivers who spend substantial amounts of time waiting for their passengers, allowing them to stay cool inside their vehicles without having to waste fuel. The system uses solar photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of the vehicle and stores the juice in the battery for seamless standalone air-Conditioning.

    Also, this keeps drivers from having their rides idle in an attempt to maintain cooler temperatures in their vehicles, indirectly helping keep tons of carbon emissions out of the air!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 11, 2011