• Solar Quadricycle for your family and your dog

  • Solar_Quadricycle.jpg
    The solar human hybrid is a street legal quadricycle powered by solar electric motor. It has room for 3 plus space for your groceries and even your pet dog. I don’t know about cats yet, but pretty sure you can put your cat if you don’t have a dog. Only thing is, pray your cat doesn’t get freaked out! Well it is not some multi-billion dollar company make. It is made by a genius eight grader. The fourteen year old David Dixon built the Solar Human Hybrid for a middle school project. According to him the SOHH has replaced his cars for finishing errands around town. That is a lot of savings on the gas bill. The vehicle has a 24 volt motor which is 1 HP and a speed limit of 14 miles an hour. The power is derived from the GreenSaver Silicone Gel Cell batteries fed by the 20-watt solar panels.

    There is no plan for mass production but I think this is one vehicle someone should plan for a mass production. Wonder if there is anyone who would want to partner with me?

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 9, 2009