• Solar powered wheelchair wins juices up with energy from the sun

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    We’ve been advocating the use of solar energy to power up our world since years now and we do think that the world could, if given a chance, turn completely dependent on cleaner sources of energy that are renewable, clean and do not destroy the environment. Giving solar energy yet another application, a team of engineering students at the University of Virginia came up with a solar-powered wheelchair that won the design competition for World Cerebral Palsy Day.

    This award winning design runs on low speeds and uses solar energy to power up its assist systems. Sporting photovoltaic cell son its canopy-like roof, the solar powered wheelchair can operate for more than 4½ hours at a speed of 5 mph on a fully charged battery. On solar power alone, the wheelchair can move around indefinitely at a speed of 1 mph, so long as the sun shines bright. Complete with USB outlets that juice up mobile phones, GPS devices and more with solar energy, this energy-efficient wheelchair is a game changer.


    [Via – Neatorama and Virginia]

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