• Solar powered Urban Wheels, an eco-friendly transporter on a pair of wheels

  • Urban wheels.jpgWe certainly wouldn’t need to walk around too much in the future, spoiling ourselves with innovations like these that make walking seem old-fashioned and a waste of energy. Designer Siqi Liu came up with the Urban Wheels, a solar powered vehicle that you can ride on and work in your garden, go shopping, or ride around the neighborhood, all powered up using the energy from the sun. The Urban Wheels uses a battery pack that powers up its electric motor. Using two large solar panels measuring around 33” x 24.5”, the eco-friendly vehicle sports a flexible body and a handlebar that can adjust between 38” and 51”.

    Using a control panel, LED lighting system and aluminum chassis, this one also boasts enough space to store all the stuff you pick up the racks in shopping arcades, to carry it all back home. Three cheers for solar powered transport!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on August 29, 2010