• Solar powered ice-cream truck spreads the green and cheerful chill in New York City

  • Ice-cream trucks have always been chased down by kids right since someone decided to put up an ice-cream parlor on wheels and drive around town on hot summer days, spreading the cheer and cold amongst children and adults alike. And with fossil-fuels soon turning into a burden to the environment and to our pockets Sungevity decided to roll out an ice-cream truck sporting solar panels on its roof and covered with all the information you’d need on the same. Driving around New York City, the truck by the Oakland-based firm handed out organic Good Pops with the company logo and website, as subtle and cool reminders of the green firm’s work.

    An being flag-bearers of renewable energy and all the efforts being put into turning the world a better place, this ice-cream truck brought a wide smile on our faces too!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on September 13, 2011