• Solar powered boat by Vripack to participate in the 2010 Frisian Challenge

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    The sun is shining bright, brighter than ever, on the deep blue sea, powering up solar-juice-drinking-boats now, more than ever. Well, since solar energy is being accepted with arms wide open everywhere today, some guys came up with a solar-powered boat race too, the Frisian Challenge in Netherlands, a 220 km race through 11 cities. Vripack, a luxury yacht interior firm is participating in the 2010 race and came up with a solar energy powered boat, powered by five solar panels, an icing on top of the cherry-cake boat.

    Proverbial nonsense aside, this one measures 6 meters (20 ft) long with a 0.75 meter (2 ft) beam steered around by one man for around six hours. A two blade propeller placed on an innovative pod attached to an electric motor will propel this vessel forward. The boat is made from fiberglass and carbon glued, lightweight and strong. This one sure will glide across the waves keeping its act clean and green.

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