• Solar powered bikes to cover short distance

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    Most of us have to make those really short trips to the grocery store to pick up some stuff. Getting into a car and making way through the traffic can be quite annoying. The solar powered bike is just what you need to make such short trips. It uses Lithium-based accumulator batteries which can be charged using a standard socket or through solar power with the solar-panel laden station roof. This bike is designed by Tobias Bexten for maximum utility with a foldable carrying case to fit all your stuff. The design is also clean and minimalist, which adds up to the functional aspect of this vehicle. You can just hop on to these bikes and zip across the road in no time by avoiding the traffic. These solar powered bikes will certainly reduce the pollution caused by vehicles and reduce the consumption of fuel as people will stop using cars for making short trips. Roll over for more images……..


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 16, 2009