• Solar Impulse, the solar powered aircraft that flies at night

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    We’ve seen solar planes on test runs before, trying to turn the aviation industry into a greener one. Here’s one more set of solar panels with wings, all ready to sail the skies, this time at night. Now, the sun sure doesn’t bother showing up at night, and this plane depends on it for juice. So how does it power up? By saving up enough energy during the day flight to last till dawn! The plane, known as the Solar Impulse, will take off from a Switzerland airfield some time in June during the day time, fly around and charge up and save this energy to juice the electric motors.

    Project founders Andre Borschberg and round-the-world balloonist Bertrand Piccard have taken it up on themselves to slap our world back into reality and prove that a fuel-less solar powered aircraft, that flies night and day, could indeed be the future of aviation. Now Solar Impulse lacks an auto-pilot, meaning the fliers will need to stay awake through the night. Here’s a cup off coffee and loads of luck for this one!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on June 18, 2010