• Smart ForTwo ED Coupe, the most inexpensive electric car in the United States

  • One of the reasons electric vehicles have been suffering terrible sales these days are their escalated costs. These cars, though extremely inexpensive to use in the long run, more often than not cost a substantial sum not many can afford. Mini-car manufacturer Smart however is now drawing up plans to unleash a new breed of inexpensive though technologically sound cars in the market. The ForTwo ED Coupe will come with a $25,000 with delivery fees included, making it the cheapest EV in the United States. This price tag also includes the $825 destination charge and $2,200 for a home-charging set up. And those who currently own home-charging setups could pick this Smart ForTwo cheaper! A seemingly inexpensive way to get around town, this compact car could soon turn into a common sight on US roads.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 8, 2012