• Shadow – The first wireless electric bike

  • Shadow_eBike.jpg
    Make way for the first wireless eBike ever! Known as the Shadow (being lime yellow in color, it should have been called the Lime instead), this bike is the brainchild of Canadian based Daymak Inc. It uses lithium batteries in its belly that keeps the bike in motion with 1000W of power. That’s not all. The bikes batteries can also charge up your portable devices! Here’s what makes this electric bike unique. Unlike others of its type, this bike uses cutting edge technology like a wireless breaking system, a wireless throttle and also a wireless pedal assist system!

    Global production of this eco-friendly bike is expected to reach 27 million units and will grow up to 40 million units by the year 2011. For a price of $1499, you can buy the technology packed awesome Shadow ebike.
    [USA Hang Out]

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