• Semi-Rigid bio-engineered car grows; uses algae to self-produce fuel

  • Semi-Rigid-bio-engineered-car-1.jpg
    Cars today hit assembly lines and finally roll out as a finished product from factories, substantially stamping out dark carbon footprints on the face of the earth. In the future however, we might just have bio-engineered cars, that grow, you got that right, grow! Designed and conceptualized by Los Angeles architectural firm Emergent, this bio-engineered set of wheels is made from cartilage and using algae to produce fuel, will grow, instead of being assembled, and with the doors and bonnet made from synthetic skin with a folding chassis. Called the Semi-Rigid Car, the vehicle will be completely 3D printed using organic materials and polymers, rubbers, resins and silicone.

    For now not more than just a concept, it sure as hell might seem creepy driving around in a car with skin for doors. The algae fuel though seems pretty promising.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on July 11, 2011