• Say hello to UK’s first driverless car, Lutz Pathfinder pod

  • lutz-pod-2If you are in UK, returning home after a night out drinking with friends will not be a problem anymore. No hassles fading a taxi, Lutz pathfinder, UK’s first driverless car will drop you home safely. Lutz Pathfinder commonly called as Lutz Pod is being tested on UK roads currently so that the Government can make any required changes to the Highway Code to allow them to be used by public. Little autonomous Lutz Pod will be gallivanting the streets of Milton Keynes and Coventry for a few days. The self-driving car has been primarily designed for working on pavements and pedestrian friendly zones. Lutz Pod looks small but it has enough space for two people and a small luggage. Talking about power, it can travel up to 40 miles and attain a top speed of 15 mph. It can run for eight hours when fully charged.

    Lutz Pod was unveiled in Greenwich, and you might see one or more of these on Milton Keynes streets by the end of this year.


    [Source – Inhabitat]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: on February 13, 2015