• Sanyo’s eneloop electric hybrid bicycle offers effortless green ride

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    Since gasoline prices are chewing into our salaries and hybrid cars are far from being affordable for a common person (like me), Sanyo is out to help us move about the town on eneloop bike. Just unveiled, this electric hybrid two-wheeler is fitted with a “Power-up Mode” that helps to reduce the burden on the biker’s legs as well his/her carbon footprints. An ideal blend of a standard bicycle and a moped, this hybrid version augments the rider’s capacity to speed up the roads with ease. This extra power is equivalent to double the rider’s pedal force for going uphill too. Also a new “loop charge function” generates electricity and charges the battery while moving. Though the electric motor fitted on the front wheel renders motion to it, the energy generated by pedaling goes is directed to the rear wheel. And if you are concerned about the safety, then be assured as the two-wheel drive system provides a much stable ride. Even while braking, the system harnesses energy.

    Though it’s priced at $1,430, it is sad to know that Sanyo’s Electric hybrid bicycle is meant of Japan only. This green speedy bicycle will be seen on the roads of the land of rising sun from Feb 2009 onwards.
    Via – Newlaunches

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