• Rotterdam cyclists wait for lesser periods at red lights on rainy days

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    The Netherlands are leading by example when it comes to eco-friendly transport. However, the idea of abominable motorists sliding right into your cycling path is annoying and then again, there are times when it pours, making everything difficult. This is when you can resort to the magic of theses specially programmed traffic lights. The city council of Rotterdam has installed sensors that sync with the traffic lights and detect when it is raining. As soon as this is detected, all cycling lanes are released in 40 seconds while the motorists on the road have to wait longer. This facilitates the cyclists, letting them reach their destinations sooner, safer and with much calmer minds.

    The concept of the rain-detecting traffic light sensors is presently under trial. It has been employed only on one set of traffic lights but there is a plan to expand soon. This seems to be something that could be replicated world over, especially in geographies where rains are prevalent. Most cyclists are discouraged by poor weather conditions and take to cars, but this is hope right here.

    [ Via : Springwise ]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 6, 2016