• Roehr unveils 2011 eSuperSport electric sports bike

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    Roehr has pulled out quite a few amazingly energy efficient and clean, yet fast and well-designed bikes before. The company recently unveiled its latest brainchild, the new 2011 eSuperSport electric sports bike. Based on the Hyosung GT650R, the eSuperSport sports a top speed of 100mph, good enough to make your eyes go wide with wonder, while the onboard battery delivers a good 75 miles on a single charge. Using a single speed direct drive AC induction motor, the electric superbike uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 high discharge cylindrical cell 7.7kWh battery.

    To juice this monster, you’d need to plug it in for a good 7 hours however, and it sure as hell comes along with a monstrous price tag too, about $17,995 off your bank account.
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