• Ridekick turns common bicycles into electricity-powered eco-friendly wheels

  • Tired of peddling away? Well, this little add-on for your bicycle is designed to reduce the effort you put into bicycling, in an eco-friendly way. Called the Ridekick, short for a rider’s sidekick, or so we guess, this unit with wheels hooks on to the back of your bicycle and sports an electric motor and battery that helps power up your bicycle when your feet and muscles refuse to peddle any longer. Pushing the bicycle to speeds of up to 19mph, against the measly 8 to 9mph you’d manage with human-power, this one’s pretty easy to install too, taking about 12 minutes to hook up the hitch assembly, with the trailer taking just 15 seconds to install thereafter! For $700, give your muscles some rest and cycle away in an eco-friendly way!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on January 2, 2012