• Recycled aircrafts converted into high speed ocean vessels by Hydro Lance

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    We’ve heard of old recycled aircrafts being used as hotels and living quarters before. But turning an old jet into a high speed water-craft seems out of the box. That’s exactly what the company Hydro Lance is working on. This huge recycling plan will involve the conversion of old aircrafts into high-speed ocean vessels topping speeds of 120 knots (140 mph)!

    Using the company’s HARTH pontoon system to spread out on water forces and doing away with rocking caused due to them, these vessels will have a smooth ride. Hydro Lance also state that using a system like the HARTH will help better fuel economy. This will enable the creation of high speed water-crafts to ferry passengers with an aircraft-like seating arrangement. This sure is a smart recycling plan for a great way to travel through water in future.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on May 3, 2010