• Rapid electric vehicle charging system by JFE Engineering Corp juices EVs in three minutes

  • plugin-hybrid_dong_energy.jpgNo longer will you need to leave your beloved EV (electric vehicle) charging for hours together, forcing you to walk or spew carbon, using your gas-powered four-wheeler. Here’s a quicker way to get your EV up and running every time its batteries rattle around for juice, the “super-rapid charging system” by JFE Engineering Corp. The concept for this design was disclosed at the Smart Grid Exhibition 2010 in Tokyo on June 16, 2010. This battery charger can do the needful much more quickly, 50% juiced in three minutes and 70% capacity in five minutes.

    The system is based on the “CHAdeMO”, a Japanese standard for EV rapid chargers. Though taken that it uses 500-600A of current, five times more than existing systems, this one isn’t compatible with the CHAdeMO, pushing out the Mitsubishi Motors Corp’s “i-MiEV,” Nissan Motor Co Ltd’s “Leaf” and a few others. And yes, EV batteries need to get used to charging up quickly too. This development sure will help promote the use of EVs globally.