• PURES concept solar powered electric buses purify air as they travel

  • PURES_eBus_1.jpg
    PURES bus is an award winning design concept from Korea. The main idea behind this design is that since we have now polluted the planet enough with the vehicles on the road why not turn those vehicles into air filters cleaning our cities. The design uses a series of intake valves on the front and rear of the bus which absorbs the outside air while the vehicle is in motion; and dispenses filtered air. The design of the bus is inspired from a traditional Korean bowl called ‘Chosun Beakja’. The bus will use an electric engine powered by a battery which recharges via its solar paneled roof.

    The bus could be best used as airport limo or a tourist bus. The passengers experience the environment around them through the front glass. Wide sliding doors make way for elderly or disabled passengers.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 8, 2009