• Pure Tension, a portable solar-powered canopy that fits in a car’s trunk

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    Solar energy is the way ahead and we’ve said that time and again. Proving our point once again is a Los Angeles-based architecture firm named Synthesis Design + Architecture (SDA) who’ve come up with the Pure Tension concept. Inspired by the Volvo V60 car, this portable solar-powered pavilion is crafted to fit in the trunk of the car, probably the reason why the design bagged the first place at Volvo’s design competition. The Pure Tension deploys quickly and soaks in the sun’s energy, turning it all into usable electricity.

    Using a mesh fabric floral design, the Pure Tension sports photovoltaic valves woven into the fabric’s membrane that use solar energy to charge up an EV battery. Besides the fact that this concept works as a portable charger for electric cars, it also works as a deploy-as-you-wish parking space, with the canopy on top protecting the car from the elements.


    [Via – Psfk]

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