• Powered by the wind, the Kazaguruma works best on beaches

  • Wind car.jpgWith the help of the wind, this contraption designed by Ippei Iwahara sails forward on land. Known as the Kazaguruma, the vehicle uses the power of the wind, air resistance and dynamic lift to be precise, to accelerate. Without using any form of carbon footprint creating fuels, the vehicle works best at places where the wind never seizes to blow, namely beaches. Using the Magnus effect, a spinning fan in the back creates a whirlwind like effect that propels the vehicle forward. The vehicle might just replace the beach buggies we have today that drink up just as much gasoline as the beer we tend to consume at sea shores!

    The design is also an entry for the James Dyson Award, an internationally recognized award presented to design engineers of the next generation. And until now, we thought powering a car with air seemed silly and unreal.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on August 18, 2010