• Powered by poop, the Bio-Bug Volkswagen Beetle does the rounds in England

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    Imagine having someone step up and marvel at your Volkswagen Beetle and ask you what exactly powers it up, and you say poop. That might seem incautiously rude in today’s day, but the new development VW are working on might make this just a casual and truthful reply in future. Yes, we’re talking about a VW Beetle powered by not the sun, or electricity, but poop. It might seem totally horrible and gross to refill this one up. I mean, who’d want to stuff poop into a car’s fuel tank anyways! Well, it isn’t really all that messy though. The car actually uses methane gas, composed of waste from at least 70 homes. Known as the Bio-Bug, this poop-driven Beetle will do the rounds in England as part of a campaign to use alternative fuels, and is sure to turn heads, taken that it has “Powered by your own waste!” emblazoned on its side.

    Methane gas currently is used on a large scale in countries like Sweden, wherein 11,500 cars have had a switch of fuel, using this bio-fuel instead. Poop powered it may be, we love the VW Beetle nevertheless.
    Via – [Newlaunches]

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