• Powered by methanol fuel cells, the Ghepardo super car designed for the De Tomaso

  • The guys at De Tomaso car manufacturing will sure have their eyes widened and jaws dropped looking at what designer Frederik Tjellesen came up with, just for them. The car, known as the Ghepardo, has all the smooth lines, cuts and beauty one would expect from a mean machine. It also has a green heart, powered up using methanol fuel cells. The car is packed with an eco-boost technology that makes it all the more greener, besides just its power source. Inspired by cars from the De Tomaso Company itself, the Pantera and the Mangusta, the Ghepardo integrates some pretty sweet designing that will make sure it sticks to the roads at all that speed. It sports integrated spoilers that create a 0.25Cd drag. The car is powered by a Ford twin-turbo eco-boost 3.5 V6 engine producing 465 bgp or by four electric in-hub fuel cells producing 85 kW, that’s as much as 440bhp.

    The car’s purple and grey combination makes us drool all along. This certainly would be one hell of a car to drive in, taken that its green, clean, and amazingly eye-catching!

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on August 29, 2010