• Powered by electricity, the Air Alien Green Helicopter lets you cruise without pollution

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    The aviation industry is seeing new heights with the development of air vehicles like the Air Alien Green Helicopter. This unique helicopter like vehicle is environment friendly and uses an electric motor instead of burning up fuel. The motor has a stator with two electromagnetic rings. Two huge fuel tanks help store hydrogen and oxygen that produces the electricity required to power up the Air Alien Green Helicopter. Using two propellers and permanent magnetic wings that run in opposite directions independently, the helicopter produces little noise and is a vehicle you can opt for in panorama flights and safaris.

    The Air Alien Green Helicopter is controlled by a computer, using four feet that take a flying position during flight and as landing gear while touching the ground again. To turn, the pilot needs to accelerate one of the two propellers. Most of the Air Alien Green Helicopter’s parts are made out of carbon fiber which helps keep the weight low. This clean, green and electric helicopter is sure to send the aviation industry to higher levels.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on February 1, 2010