• Porsche developing electric sports car

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    109 years ago Professor Ferdinand Porsche developed the first hybrid. But it is the year 2009 when Porsche made the statement that it is going to develop an electric sports car. It will enter the market as soon as it can get the battery technology sorted out. Porsche is planning to bring out its electric cars in style by introducing it first in the Cayenne and Panamera models by 2010 or late 2011. Michael Macht, the recently appointed president of Porsche stated that the company will be first coming up with Cayenne and Paanmera hybrid models and maybe at a later stage a full working model of the 911 in electric mode. But hold your breath! There are some recent spy photos that reveal that the electric 911 is already way ahead in the development phase. Looks like BMW, Audi and Mercedes have one more to compete with.

    By the way since it is the Frankfurt Motor Show, you will be seeing a lot of the electric concepts on Green Launches. Bet you will love it, especially car-lovers. I love it already.

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