• Poop=powered Bio-Bus now ferries passengers between Bristol Airport and Bath

  • bio-bus-1Pooping isn’t something that’s going to save the world. That’s not what the Bio-Bus developers think however. These folks have developed a bus that powers up using human poop! With 40 seats in all, this one can go 186 miles on one tank of biomethane gas, generated from treating human sewage and food waste at Bristol sewage in Avonmout. The gas is pumped through a combustion engine which helps the bus get around.

    A single person’s annual sewage and food waste can power up the Bio-Bus for 37 miles. Also, this bus emits 30% less carbon dioxide than diesel buses, making it eco-friendly. The bus is currently being used by operator Bath Bus Company and transports 10,000 passengers each month between Bristol Airport and Bath city centre.



    [Via – Pocket-Lint]

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 24, 2014