• Poop-powered bike with toilet for a seat unveiled by Toto

  • Motorcycle-on-poop.jpg
    We’ve heard of two-wheeled modes of transport being powered by alternative sources of energy, including hydrogen, electricity, air and solar energy. What we can’t seem to digest all that easily though is a poo-powered bike! Renowned Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto recently pulled the veil off a motorized tricycle that works on poop. With the seat functioning as a fully-usable toilet, all you need to do is sit bare-backside on this bike, answer natures call, and power it up! The thought might seem disgusting at first, given that not a lot of us would muster up the courage to ride on a contraption like this. And the fumes are sure to be equally atrocious too!

    The concept and the thought behind the bike powered by poop however does work as a pretty workable alternative, though it did leave us green in the cheeks.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on October 3, 2011