• Poop fuelled golf carts

  • poo-golfcart.jpg
    Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier? All you had to do was go out for some fresh air to get inspiration from your surroundings especially if you have grazing cows and you see them poop. Cow dung used for propulsion. Yamaha has uncovered a bovine-speckled Golf Cart that harnesses the power of poop as a means of propulsion. The vehicle, which was recently tested at a golf course in Japan, is not powered by cow dung directly – it is in fact powered by methane.

    The cart is being tested at Katori where there is a place called Biomass Town where cow dung is processed into biofuel, which is then turned into methane. The methane is supplied via a tank that has been filled with activated carbon, a porous form of the element that assists in absorbing the methane at low pressure. Well, all that goes for the benefit of man kind, how much ever it stinks.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on April 23, 2009