• Pivo 3, Nissan’s newly unveiled compact electric concept car

  • Nissan-Pivo-3.jpg
    One thing’s for sure. This EV concept sure as hell has an “edge” over everyone else. Hell, it’s full of edges for one, and seems like a pretty sharp deal too. By Nissan, the Pivo 3 is just yet another concept we can’t help but wish was more than just that, probably one that’d hit production lines. With a spacious 1 + 2 configuration, the compact electric car sports a four meter turning circle and automatic parking too. Also, the designing efforts put into this one pretty much show, with those interesting wheel-out touches added to the front and rear wheel.

    Nissan haven’t really dropped a whisper on just when this one hits the asphalt, though we’re predicting it to show up by 2017, that’s if Nissan does decide to begin selling this to common folk and have it commercially produced, instead of simply showing off the beautiful compact.

    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on November 10, 2011